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Montgomery County Violent Crime Attorney

Charged with a violent crime in Conroe?

If you are facing criminal charges related to a violent crime, it is vital that you immediately get into contact with a Conroe violent crime defense lawyer who serves clients throughout Montgomery County to initiate the initial defense actions on your behalf. As in any serious felony accusation, early intervention is critical; in some cases, the legal trouble can be eliminated altogether if Attorney Doug Atkinson can negotiate before formal charges are filed. In cases in which evidence was obtained illegally, false accusations have been made, other individuals could have committed the crime or when individual's rights were violated, these factors will brought to the attention of the prosecuting attorney to seek to reduce the damage. As in any serious criminal case, law enforcement could overstep the boundaries of the law in the heat of the moment, and if this is the situation in your specific case, you may have the opportunity to have the case completely dropped.

Effective Defense Actions in Violent Crime Cases

Never enter the courtroom for any hearing without the attorney by your side to manage the situation. This includes the arraignment, bail hearing or other pre-trial hearing. Each of these situations could have a better outcome when the attorney is involved and looking for any opportunity to benefit the client. With an outstanding commitment to defending clients, the attorney at the firm takes an aggressive approach and moves forward with any potential defense opportunity. Each case must be evaluated as quickly as possible. Every detail of the evidence that led to the arrest will be scrutinized, seeking the errors and flaws that could be exploited in a defense case. An astonishing number of cases, after a careful analysis, have opportunities that can lead to an effective defense for the accused individual.

The firm assists clients in defending all types of violent crime cases, including murder, manslaughter, assault, assault & battery, aggravated assault/assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, vehicular manslaughter, hate crimes, domestic violence, and can provide the legal representation needed for those who seek expunctions to clean their criminal record. Each individual case will involve unique circumstances and evidence, and it cannot be understated how vital it is that you have both an experienced violent crime defense lawyer, and that you act fast in contacting them. With the help of the firm, you can be assured that everything possible will be done to defense the case, and that the attorney has the level of commitment you need in serious violent criminal accusations. He will aggressively defend you in court, and has a proven record in defending all types of violent crime cases.

Contact a Montgomery County violent crime lawyer from the firm as quickly as possible after your arrest.

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