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My Client and his spouse allegedly were involved in an altercation wherein my Client was accused of hitting his spouse in the mouth with a closed fist as well as hitting her chest with a closed fist wherein she required medical attention due to difficulty breathing and a contusion to her lip. My Client was arrest for assault – family violence. CASE WAS DISMISSED.

My Client's spouse entered a police statement alleging she was assaulted by her husband and photographs of redness to the face and foot injuries were taken. My Client was arrested for misdemeanor assault – family violence. CASE WAS DISMISSED.

Client charged with misdemeanor Assault – Family Violence and Interfering with Emergency a call. BOTH CASES DISMISSED.

Client was arrested for misdemeanor Assault – Family Violence. Police allegedly observed Client assaulting the spouse. CASE DISMISSED.

I represented a client whose previous attorney could only get a five-year prison offer on a felony assault case with a prior assault (family violence) conviction. I negotiated deferred adjudication, which means that there was no felony conviction, and no jail/prison time.

My client was falsely accused of assaulting his wife in front of his young children. Several law enforcement officers arrived on scene and arrested him. His wife subsequently filed for divorce and sued him civilly. After an extremely aggressive, four day trial with sixteen witnesses, the majority called by us, the jury ensured justice was done and returned in twenty minutes with a NOT GUILTY verdict. The acquittal and subsequent expunction changed the course of the family law case and gave my client his life, career and children back.

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