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Fees & Payment Plans

Montgomery County Violent Crime Defense Lawyer

When you are accused of a violent crime, it becomes immediately evident that you must get high quality legal representation. Many are very concerned with the cost of this representation and are not sure if they will be able to afford the type of defense lawyer they need when facing the potential penalties of the violent crime. Attorney Doug Atkinson believes that everyone deserves the highest quality defense, and makes payment arrangements on a case by case basis.

Each client has different circumstances and situations, and their case will involve varying degrees of work, court appearances and other legal services. In order to determine what the fee for your defense will likely cost, it is important that we do a fast and free evaluation of your case. That will allow us to gauge what the case will likely entail with regard to legal and other services. After this free case evaluation, the payment plan that will suit your situation can be discussed.

Make a High Quality Defense Affordable

When your future is in question, and you may spend years in state prison or jail time if convicted, the costs to your personal and professional life will last a lifetime. The loss of income, reduced opportunities and total devastation that can result from a conviction go far beyond any cost you could incur to defend your charges. It is well established and understood throughout the legal community that the quality of your defense lawyer is one of the most important factors in defending serious charges. The attorney has a long history of successful defense cases, and urges you to contact the office to get an evaluation of the case. Not only will the attorney aggressively defend you, payment plans can be arranged.

Contact a Montgomery County violent crime attorney for a free evaluation of your case.

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