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Armed Robbery

Montgomery County Violent Crimes Attorney

Attorney Doug Atkinson provides vigorous defense against armed robbery charges in Conroe and throughout Montgomery County. This is a serious charge with a potential sentence from 5 to 99 years. It is vital to have the strong defense that the attorney can provide to defend against this charge. Individuals charged with armed robbery are urged to contact a Montgomery County violent crimes attorney for the defense they need.

Conroe Violent Crimes Lawyer

On taking a case, Doug Atkinson listens to the client fully explain what happened. He then investigates the evidence and interviews witnesses to build the strongest possible defense. He looks for the weak points of the state case. Where he finds violations of the client's constitutional rights, he moves to dismiss the evidence. This could be for an illegal search. It could also be a confession taken under duress or with a failure to disclose the client's right to remain silent.

Trial Defense

At trial Attorney Atkinson challenges the state to prove its case. Often armed robbery charges are based on eyewitness identification. He challenges the credibility of the identification particularly when the witness had a distant or blocked view of the incident. Where advantageous he produces testimony of his client's good character and or an alibi showing him to be elsewhere.

Sometimes the client is simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and is wrongly assumed to be part of a criminal group or conspiracy. The attorney sets the record straight by presenting the truth.

He reminds the jury of its duty to provide his client a presumption of innocence and to hold the prosecution firmly to its duty to prove each element of the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The Montgomery County violent crimes attorney provides a confidential consultation to discuss the case and advise you what to expect with regard to penalties and defending your case.

Contact a Conroe violent crimes attorney at the firm for vigorous defense against armed robbery charges.

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