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Montgomery County Assault & Battery Arrests

Attorney Defends Assault & Battery Cases

Assault & battery is a serious crime and the penalties can be significant. A criminal assault is the threats made to another that causes that person to fear for his or her safety. Battery is the unwanted or inappropriate touching or hurting of another. Assault & battery requires a strong defense from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Attorney Doug Atkinson understands the difficulties a person faces if convicted of a crime. He offers competent legal counsel and effective defense against all types of assault & battery charges. If an individual is arrested and charged with assault or the more serious offense of assault & battery, contact a Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer and seek immediate legal advice from a knowledgeable assault & battery defense attorney. An aggressive defense can make the difference in the extent of penalties imposed by a judge at sentencing. Attorney Atkinson defends his clients with the goal of the best possible outcome considering the circumstances of the assault & battery incident.

About Assault & Battery

Many factors can determine if an assault & battery is a misdemeanor or felony offense. A simple threat or a slight touch may result in a misdemeanor with minor penalties or dismissed case. A major assault & battery crime involving domestic violence, gang-related activities, or injuries to a victim can carry maximum penalties for the offender. Penalties can include incarceration, large fines and court costs, anger management counseling, community service, and other penalties that a judge determines is appropriate to the crime.

A prosecution must produce evidence and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime of assault & battery occurred. A defense can challenge each piece of evidence including:

  • Search and seizure warrants
  • Police arrest procedures and reports
  • Victim and witness statements
  • Forensics

It is essential to have a defense that can detect the weaknesses in a prosecution case. Doug Atkinson is experienced in the courtroom and knows how to get the desired results for his clients. Make an appointment today for a consultation regarding an assault & battery case.

Contact a Montgomery County assault & battery defense attorney if arrested for committing assault & battery.

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