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Domestic Violence

Conroe Violent Crimes Lawyer

Domestic violence involves a variety of violent crimes directed toward a family member or person with whom one is having a romantic relationship. Domestic violence charges have enhanced penalties along with unpleasant consequences such as having to move out of one's house or give up one's right to have firearms. Also distinctive about domestic violence is that it is one of the few crimes for which a policeman may make a warrantless arrest without having observed the crime. An individual may be arrested just on the say so of a spouse with no other evidence to back it up. For strong defense against domestic violence charges in Montgomery County, it is urged that one contact a Conroe violent crimes attorney.

Domestic Violence Charges

An individual can be charged with domestic violence with the commission of an assault against a family member. This can be a threat directed at a spouse causing a fear of immediate bodily injury. It may also be for physical contact intentionally or recklessly causing injury or contact which the person should know would be offensive.

Montgomery County Violent Crimes Attorney Defends Against Domestic Violence Charges

Attorney Doug Atkinson provides accomplished defense against domestic violence charges for clients in Conroe and throughout Montgomery County. He knows the stress the client is under and works tirelessly to set things right again for the client. He is alert to the fact that many times spouses will exaggerate or lie to get their partner in trouble with the law. Where appropriate he challenges the credibility of the spouse and points to the fact that there is no outward evidence of abuse. The Montgomery County violent crimes lawyer seeks to have the client free of charges and fully exonerated.

He is pleased to consult with individuals seeking help with domestic violence charges.

Contact a Conroe Violent Crimes Lawyer at the firm for effective defense.

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