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Expunctions Attorney

Are You Pursuing Expunction Of Your Record?

A person's arrest and criminal records from the past, whether deserved or not, can haunt a person and detrimentally affect the standard and quality of life for decades. Contrary to popular belief information about a person's arrest record stays on their record even if he or she is acquitted of any crime. A Montgomery County violent crime lawyer from the firm can assist in the process.

The mere existence of a person's record can be brought up when applying for employment, and when discovered can detrimentally affect the person's chances for a position or possible advancement. This can also arise when applying for housing with some rentals. Applications for acceptance may include the requirement of a background check which can bring to light the existence of an arrest or criminal record and again block or adversely affect one's progress.

Expunction: Clean Your Criminal Record

Fortunately in some cases something can be done about this situation. There is a legal procedure known as expunction which can be applied for and once approved through the courts can seal such records and as a result they can no longer come up on background checks. Expunctions are not readily handed out by the courts. Each case is considered individually based on the aspects of the case and the person's overall track record. It takes a skilled attorney to compile and optimally present the case for review and consideration.

Doug Atkinson, a well informed, experienced and aggressive attorney can provide the necessary professional legal assistance needed. He does this by thoroughly evaluating a person's particular situation and circumstances, compiling the records and facts in accordance with the procedure and then applying for the expunction. He will take effective and aggressive action to gain optimum results for his client.

Contact aMontgomery County expunction attorney to obtain the assistance you need in your case.

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