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Manslaughter Defense in Conroe and Montgomery County

Montgomery County Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Murder and manslaughter involve the crime of killing another human being. A murder is committed intentionally but manslaughter occurs without premeditation and malice aforethought. Murder cases often become manslaughter cases because of the lack of evidence or inability to prove all legal points necessary for a guilty verdict in a murder trial. A manslaughter charge is serious and the penalties are significant if convicted. It is best to seek legal advice and guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and resources to defend manslaughter cases. Following an arrest for manslaughter, contact a Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer before making statements to authorities. Attorney Doug Atkinson has helped many clients facing serious criminal charges and defendant all types of manslaughter cases.

Manslaughter and Penalties

Murder and manslaughter cases can be very complicated because of the many details and amount of evidence presented by a prosecution. The courts take major crimes seriously and the cases can take a long time before they go to trial. During all steps of the criminal court process, it is important to have an effective defense from a competent criminal defense attorney who can protect the rights of clients while dealing with the court system. Attorney Atkinson has the experience and resources necessary to defend manslaughter cases and knows how to get results for his clients. Penalties for manslaughter convictions can include:
  • Prison term
  • Parole
  • Large fines
  • Counseling

Some factors that can influence a judge at sentencing are prior criminal offenses, the use of weapons or illegal substances, DUI, the age of the victim, gang related activates, and other circumstances of the crime. When the future of a defendant is at stake, it is essential to have an attorney who can offer an aggressive defense with the goal of lessened charges or full dismissal. Make an appointment today for a consultation with Doug Atkinson to review manslaughter charges.

Contact a Conroe and Montgomery County Manslaughter Defense Attorney for legal representation in a manslaughter case.

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