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Vehicular Manslaughter

Violent Crimes Lawyer in Conroe

A charge of vehicular manslaughter is a serious and can result in a lengthy jail term. It is foolhardy to try to defend oneself or have anything less than a highly qualified defense lawyer with extensive trial experience. It is best to hire a criminal defense attorney experienced in the defense of vehicular manslaughter and known and respected in the area where the case is being tried. For those charged with vehicular manslaughter in the Conroe and Montgomery County area, it is recommended one contact a Conroe violent crimes lawyer.

Montgomery County Violent Crimes Attorney – Defense against Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

Attorney Doug Atkinson provides seasoned criminal defense to clients charged with vehicular manslaughter in the Conroe and Montgomery County area. He is highly knowledgeable and skilled at defending clients charged with vehicular manslaughter. He treats clients with respect and gives them the individual attention they deserve. Understanding the stress that his clients are under, he makes every effort to help his clients feel as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. His senior commitment is to work relentlessly for dismissal or acquittal of charges.

Defense Against Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

The prosecutor must prove that the client acted with criminal negligence or was intoxicated. The prosecutor must also prove that due to the client's conduct the victim was skilled. Attorney Atkinson challenges those assertions. He conducts a thorough investigation of the incident often with the assistance of an accident reconstruction specialist. It is commonly discovered that the defendant did not cause the accident at all but the police, not experts in accident investigation, jumped to a conclusion and then tried to make the evidence fit their conclusion. Often it is the victim himself or herself who was negligent and responsible for the accident.

Contact a Montgomery County violent crimes lawyer at the firm for a free consultation to discuss vehicular manslaughter charges.

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