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Why Hire Doug Atkinson?

Defending Violent Crime Cases in Montgomery County

Why should you hire Attorney Doug Atkinson? When you are in serious legal trouble regarding accusations of a violent crime, you are facing severe penalties if convicted. Many violent crimes will result in extensive time in state prison, and those most serious, first degree murder, will likely lead to a death sentence. When your future and your life are at stake, you should not take any chances in who you select to represent you in court. It is vital that you have a seasoned Conroe violent crime lawyer with extensive experience in defending violent crime cases. Doug Atkinson has dedicated his practice to defending those who need help the most badly – those who face serious violent crime charges. With a long history of successful defense cases in court, Mr. Atkinson takes on cases with a full commitment to finding the best course of action to launch a compelling case on your behalf.

Violent Crime Lawyer in Conroe

Many law firm offer legal services in criminal defense, but few focus exclusively on this practice. The firm devotes their time to all types of defense cases and the attorney takes a genuine interest and is very concerned about the future of his clients. He understands that the outcome of the case will have the potential of ruining every opportunity the client may have, and rectifying this potential damage is his only focus. Each case will demand a full evaluation to determine what type of defense can be launched, whether self defense, mistaken identity, police or lab errors that led to a wrong arrest, or many other opportunities that should be explored as early as possible in the case.

Education and Experience Makes the Difference

Attorney Doug Atkinson makes a point of keeping abreast of all changes in law by careful evaluation of current case law, changes in state statutes with regard to penalties and types of offenses, and all other matters that will affect the client and their future. This focus on criminal defense and his ties to the community give him particular concern about clients, and an impressive ability to move forward quickly for the defense.

As a recognized member of the community, Mr. Atkinson takes part in many community activities, including membership in the Conroe Noon Lions Club and the Board of Directors for the Montgomery County Committee on Aging (The Friendship Center). He has even been named "Trial Attorney of the Year" by the Montgomery County Criminal Defense Bar. His involvement in the community and dedication to helping those who are accused of a crime is a personal mission. It is advised that you contact him at once if you are accused of a violent crime.

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