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Hate Crimes

Montgomery County Violent Crimes Lawyer

Hate crimes concern those against a person because of his or her race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. If one is charged with a hate crime, the degree of the charge is usually increased by one. For instance, manslaughter is usually charged as a second degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Charged as a hate crime it becomes a first degree felony with a potential penalty of life imprisonment. Individuals charged with a hate crime require an attorney experienced in defending against hate crimes. Those charged in Conroe or in the remainder of Montgomery County are urged contact a Montgomery County violent crimes attorney.

Violent Crimes Attorney in Conroe

Clients can expect superior service and tenacious representation when they contact Attorney Doug Atkinson serving Conroe and Montgomery County. The attorney is skilled in defending against hate crimes. When clients contact him, they receive his individual attention and respect. He takes the time to learn fully of the incident and then proceeds to conduct an investigation to learn details. Witnesses are interviewed and any physical evidence examined. He works relentlessly to build a strong defense against charges.

Defense Against Charges

Where practical he contacts the prosecutor involved in the case and seeks dismissal or reduction to a lesser charge. If the case goes to trial, he challenges the state's evidence and questions the credibility of state witnesses particularly when the state calls criminals to the stand to make its case. Oftentimes the client is just a spectator and is wrongfully included as a member of a criminal conspiracy. The Conroe violent crimes attorney at the firm presents testimony of the client's non-involvement and reminds the jury that it must acquit where the state does not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Contact a Montgomery County violent crimes lawyer at the firm for a free consultation regarding hate crimes charges.

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